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375.00 incl. BTW

YAMAHA XT500 12 Volt dynamo and CDI ignition kit RMK2. Simple to fit with full colour instructions, this kit is the easy way to reliable, easy starting engine and bright 12 volt lighting 90 W output. Ideal for road and off road bikes where the engine is used normally. Supplied ready to go in 12 [...]

19.95 incl. BTW

Iridium Bougie BPR7EI-X. This is the best spark plug available for your Yamaha XS650 – SR500 – XT500. NGK developed the Iridium IX high-performance spark plug specially for motorcycles. It offers very good acceleration values, optimized starting, operates more quietly and has a longer service-life – while also reducing fuel consumption. An investment that is worth [...]

3.70 incl. BTW

Spark plug NGK BP7ES standard spark plug Yamaha XT500 – SR500 – XS650

3.70 incl. BTW

Spark plug NGK BP8ES spark plug for tuned engines Yamaha XT500 – SR500 -XS650