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28.95 incl. BTW

K&N Filter Wrap – Precharger – RU-0510PK. Useable for K&N filter type: RD-0710 RU-1410 RU-1710 RU-0610 RU-0810 Prechargers are designed to custom fit the filters listed (find filter number in application charts) or choose universal sizes as listed Highly durable polyester material containing uniform micron openings will stop small dirt particles Extend service interval by [...]

27.95 incl. BTW

Race airfilter TwinAir XT & SR 500, 57 mm

27.95 incl. BTW

Race airfilter TwinAir XT & SR 500, 63 mm

18.95 incl. BTW

Twin Air Filter’s patented design, high quality materials and superior construction deliver unbeatable performance and protection – and make Twin Air Filters the hands-down choice of more World and National Champions than all other filters combined. YAMAHA XT500 airfilter

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K&N air breather filter universal, type 62-1110, chrome, incl. filter oil, 16 mm diameter.

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K&N Airfilter universal, ROUND ANGLED, RU-1710, intake diameter 57 / 58 mm, round 89 mm, length 127 mm Fits perfect for tuning and perfect fit on the Mikuni TM36 / TM40 mm carburator!

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K&N Airfilter universal, ROUND TAP, RC-1200, intake diameter 52 mm, round 91 mm, length 102 mm Fits perfect on the original TT500 & XT500, and early type SR500 carburators!

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K&N Airfilter universal, type RC-1920, round 54 mm, length 102 mm

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K&N Airfilter service kit, filter cleaner en filter oil.

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The original formula that set the standard of excellence in air filter oils. Liquid Power starts thin for a deep, even penetration, then dries to even coating, high-tack shield that traps dirt, grit, and dust. 1 liter

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TwinAir filter cleaner, dirt remover. 4 liter.

64.72 incl. BTW

Keep your air filter clean, and you’ll keep your engine running at top power-and running longer. The System is the full filter care Solution -everything you need in a sturdy storage box with carrying handles. Kit Includes: Twin Air Cleaning Tub, Oiling Tub, Liquid Dirt Remover, Liquid Power Filter Oil, Contact cleaner, Rubber gloves.